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Reynolds School District #7

Teacher Assistant jobs are vacant in Fairview,OR. The Reynolds School District #7 it's specialized into Education industry. Currently the headquarters are in Oregon.

Teacher Assistant job positions are vacant on Reynolds School District #7 company, located in Fairview with a rate of  $9-29/hour.

More details about the job listing:

This assignment is in a Life Skills Classroom.

Job Summary: The job of Educational Assistant is done for the purpose s of assisting under direct supervision in the supervision and or instruction of students relieving teachers of routine clerical tasks and assisting students by providing help with educational health or language needs depending on the assignment .

Essential Job Functions:

* Assists teachers for the purpose of implementing lesson plans and or developing students daily living and behavioral skills.

* Maintains classroom equipment bulletin board and display area student files records for the purpose of ensuring a safe and appropriate learning environment.

* Adapts classroom work homework under the direction of the teacher for the purpose of providing a method to support and or reinforce classroom objectives.

* Monitors individual students classroom and or playground activities for the purpose of maintaining a safe and appropriate learning environment.

* Performs record keeping and basic clerical functions scheduling copying etc. for the purpose of supporting the teacher in maintaining students files and providing classroom materials.

* Leads individual students or groups in learning activities as directed by the teacher for the purpose of providing support and reinforcement of classroom objectives.

* Administers in some assignments first aid and medical assistance e.g. tube feeding to students for the purpose of providing appropriate care for ill medically fragile and or injured children.

* Assists in some assignments students with job placement and or on-site supervision of student transition programs.

* Administers in bilingual assignments tests and language assessments under the guidance of a teacher for the purpose of evaluation student s language abilities.

* Translates in bilingual assignments verbal and written communication s for the purpose of assisting students teacher parents and other school personnel in communicating effectively.

* Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.

* Confers with teacher parents and or appropriate community agency personnel for the purpose of assisting in evaluation of students progress and or implementing students objectives.

* Participates in various meetings for the purpose of sharing information and or improving one s skills knowledge.

* Assists students in other settings such as the media center lunchroom playground etc. for the purpose of ensuring a safe and appropriate learning environment.

If you are assigned to a Life Skills or Functional Life Skills classroom you may expect to perform the following duties:

* Work with a variety of students with a variety of disabilities.

* Assisting students with toileting and or changing diapers.

* Assisting students with feeding.

* Implement individual behavior support plans of students who may engage in inappropriate behaviors e.g. aggressive behavior toward staff or other students destroying property running away

* Deliver direct instruction to verbal and non-verbal communication students.

* Transfer or lift students from a wheelchair and or physical therapy equipment.

You will all be required to complete OIS training and additional training to prepare you for your new position.


Experience Required: Job related experience paid or volunteer with school age children.

Skills Knowledge and or Abilities Required:

Skills to perform basic clerical functions perform basic arithmetic calculations operate standard office equipment use English in both written and verbal form use correct grammar punctuation and spelling to provide in appropriate assignments for special health care needs of children.

Knowledge of the principles of child development and instructional processes of the designated language in bilingual assignments written and oral.

Abilities to understand and carry out oral and written instructions maintain confidentiality of student records meet schedules and deadline read interpret apply rules regulations and policies rapidly learn methods and materials used in a variety of instructional situations understand and address in special assignments students with special needs. Significant physical abilities include stooping crouching reaching handling. Talking hearing conversations near far visual acuity depth perception accommodating field of vision.

Bilingual Bicultural preferred.

Education Required: Must have HS diploma or equivalent. Must have the equivalent of 2 years of college AA or 60 credits or have passed the Work Keys score of 4 or greater on all three assessments or PARA Pro Test.

Licenses Certification Bonding and or Testing Required: Oregon Fingerprint and Criminal Check clearance First Aid and CPR certificates may be required in special assignments.

Special requirements: Bilingual Bicultural preferred

Work Schedule: Monday through Friday on school days 6.75 hrs per day 182 work days. Start date will be September 1 2021.

To apply for this job email your details to office@martekmediamarketing.com

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