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People Sustaining Kings Valley

(Cadet) Home Theater Installation Technician (O/S): Springfield jobs are vacant in Eugene,OR. The People Sustaining Kings Valley it's specialized into Security & Protective Services industry. Currently the headquarters are in Oregon.

(Cadet) Home Theater Installation Technician (O/S): Springfield job positions are vacant on People Sustaining Kings Valley company, located in Eugene with a rate of  $14.80-29.45/hour.

More details about the job listing:

It is the mission of Willamette Leadership Academy to provide our cadets with the academic skills that will enable them to reach their personal career goals and provide them with the leadership skills and positive character traits that will enable them to be responsible citizens of their community. The leadership skills learned will allow the cadets to become more successful in school and improve their relationships with family friends and authority figures.

Job Description

Job Summary Overview: PRIMARY FUNCTION: To provide in classroom support and assistance to Instructor and to ensure a safe learning environment through supportive discipline as well as instruct cadets on military bearing courtesy as well as close order drill.

Success in the role is measured on:

Ability to assist the Instructor in instruction of cadets Ability to handle cadets with positive reinforcement Ability to enforce supportive discipline

Key Duties Responsibilities: 1. Demonstrates prompt and regular attendance.

2. Assists in the instructional delivery of the school s curriculum

3. Instructs all cadets on their assignments to ensure each cadet s progress by as much individualization as possible.

4. Assists the Instructor in maintaining a safe classroom environment through supportive discipline.

5. Selects Corrective Actions when infractions of the rules occur in a manner that best meets the cadet s individual needs.

6. Encourages and assists cadets in preparation for additional instruction extracurricular activities and follow through of Behavioral Corrective Action.

7. Recruits or assists in recruiting an adequate number of new cadets.

8. Monitors hallways latrines and campus during passing periods and non instructional time to ensure a safe school environment.

9. Assists in the responsibilities of paperwork such as inventory purchase orders check out forms report cards attendance uniform records and rosters responsible for the completion and accuracy of paperwork as may be directed by the administration.

10. Assists in planning and accompanies the class on trips to enhance the learning experience.

11. Maintains prompt and professional communication with parents.

12. Performs other duties as assigned by appropriate instructor supervisor and administrator.

13. Work with cadets who are low vision hard of hearing or who have Central Auditory Processing Delays CAP D .

14. Work with cadets who have physical disabilities cognitive impairments or developmental delays.

15. Work with cadets who have documented behavioral issues that affect learning in the mainstream classroom.

16. Work with cadets who may have a combination of any of these additional learning needs.

17. Carry out measures to address cadet s need in the classroom on a focused basis.

18. Participate or provide data and input on the cadets and on Individual Education Plan each year in order to ensure best outcomes for teaching.

19. Document observations about cadet s behavior or activity.

20. Deploy accommodation and or modification and or alternate programming to classroom tasks to ensure that tasks are achievable by the cadet.

24. Meet with parents guardians and internal and external stakeholders for an annual review of IEP particulars and program goals known as Identification Placement and Review Committee IPRC meetings.

25. Manage integration in the classroom environment where Instructors have deemed integration is a good fit.

26. Understand theories of child and adolescent development and their concrete manifestations in the classroom.

27. Support Instructors programming goals and teaching strategies while reinforcing cadets learning strategies in the classroom.

28. Do not breach confidentiality about learning medical conditions diagnoses or other information.

29. Assist classroom Instructors in documenting appropriate assessment data that results in fair though not equal assessment.

30. Engage in professional development on a continual basis.

31. Network in a professional manner with other support staff as the need arises.

32. Stay apprised of the cadet s transition plan from year to year.

33. Engage in active listening with cadets parents and other stakeholders.

34. Promote and advocate for the school and district s mission and vision statements.

37. Demonstrate commitment to working in a diverse school community and or work environment.

Salary: 15.48 hr


Knowledge or Experience:

Military experience required Physical Activities: Routine physical activities that are required to fulfill job responsibilities Desire Knowledge Skills Abilities to connect to cadets Written and oral communication skills Pass Background check and Fingerprint Clearance CPR 1st Aid Card Have Proof of being Tuberculous Free

Education Certifications:

High School Diploma

Additional Information

People Sustaining Kings Valley abides by the requirements of federal laws which prohibit discrimination of individuals with the following legally protected status: race color religion sex sexual orientation gender identity national origin disability and protected veterans.

To apply for this job email your details to office@martekmediamarketing.com

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