Monkey Wrench Gutters

$1 000 SIGNING BONUS! FULL TIME MAINTENANCE TECH! COMPETATIVE PAY! jobs are vacant in Portland,OR. The Monkey Wrench Gutters it's specialized into Mechanics & Installers & Service Tehnicians industry. Currently the headquarters are in Oregon.

$1 000 SIGNING BONUS! FULL TIME MAINTENANCE TECH! COMPETATIVE PAY! job positions are vacant on Monkey Wrench Gutters company, located in Portland with a rate of  $14-35/hour.

More details about the job listing:

Job requirements: Be able to handle moving and setting up ladders up to 24ft without help up to 40ft with help rarely .

No fear of heights.

Own an alarm clock and know how to program it.

Have the ability to drive yourself to job sites. On long drives we will carpool in one of the company s trucks

Own rain gear and be comfortable working in all weather conditions we cancel for thunder lightning and heavy snow ice but nothing else .

In certain months we occasionally deal with bees.

Job duties on a typical day

Show up to the job site which will be texted a day in advance most of the time sometimes I can have all the addresses a week out. Remove the existing gutters and downspouts without damaging the property. Measure for and install new seamless gutters. Often but not always install gutter protection. Cut up old gutters into small sections stacked into each other. Clean up job site and head home or to the next job depending.

We usually start 8-9am and work till the job is done on particularly large jobs till 5pm or dark depending. We work Monday-Friday. Most of the work is local in the greater Portland area. The ad is listed as part time but it varies week to week some weeks will have overtime some will be 25 hours. The majority of the time its 32-40 hours. Typically jobs take one day OR there is more than one per day. Usually houses are 1-2 stories tall rarely 3. We are intentional about the jobs we take on and safety is a priority.

Pay starts at 20 hr for everyone. In the first 30 days I decide if I will keep an employee on or not based on work performance. Raises are possible and likely for hardworking individuals and initial pay may increase based on experience. Crew leads in particular earn more 25-35 hr . If a crew lead position opens I ll select from the employees I have for who can be a crew lead if we have someone suitable.

Crew lead requirements are the same as gutter installer requirements but also include

No more than 2 accidents collisions in the last 3 years on driving record ability to read a tape measure correctly and consistently ability to assess situations and problem solve and understand how to communicate with customers and potential customers.

We are currently expanding the business and looking to bring in good long-term employees.

To apply for this job email your details to office@martekmediamarketing.com

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